RIANZ Awards: Best Folk Album

(Renamed Tui Awards in 1999)

Year Winner Finalists
1984 Phil Garland - 'Springtime In The Mountains' Michael Warmuth - 'Hammered Duclimer'
Wayne Gillespie - 'Wayward Son'
1985 Alan Young - 'Thatís No Way To Get Along' Martha Louise -'The Sailor / Mixed Feelings'
Mike Harding -'Time On The Road'
1986 Various Artists - 'Send The Boats Away' Chris and Lyn Thompson -'Together'
Boys Of Spirit NZ Trust - 'Sea Shanties'
1987 Beverly Young - 'Bushes & Briars' Phil Garland -'Hunger In The Air'
Paul Mesters - 'Pacific Pilgrim'
1988 Mike Harding - 'From The Edge' Wayne Gillespie -'Hearts For'
David Hollis -'With Love'
1989 Paul Ubana Jones - 'Paul Ubana Jones' Phil Powers - 'The Light Of The Lions Eye'
Phil Garland -'Wind In The Tussock'
1990 Rua - 'Commonwealth Suite' Martha Louise -'Changing Tides'
Iain Mitchell/Paul Yielder -'Everyman And His Dog'
1991 No award due to insufficient nominations  
1992 Lorina Harding - 'Lucky Damn Woman' Angela Dixon -'Takin A Chance'
Martin Curtis -'The Daisy Patch'
1993 Claddagh - 'Continental Drift' Paul Ubana Jones -'The Things Which Touch Me So'
Rua -'Live In The Cathedral'
1994 Steve McDonald - 'Sons Of Somerled' Adam Bell -'Summerland'
Beverly Young -'It's Then I Wish'
1995 Windy City Strugglers - 'Windy City Strugglers' Paul Ubana Jones -'A Change Of Season'
Chris Priestley -'Argentina To Invercargill'
1996 Rua - 'Harbour Lights'  
1997 Wild Geese - 'Betwixt Time and Place' Michael Scorey -'Angel Station'
Bob Bickerton -'Music In The Glen'
1998 Paul Ubana Jones - 'Blessings And Burdens' T&D Bigger Band -'Hillingdon'
AJ Bell -'Ragwort Touch'
1999 Windy City Strugglers - 'On Top Of The World' Gallowglass -'Sparven'
Philip Riley & Jayne Elleson -'The Blessing Tree'
2000 Lothlorien - 'Greenwood Side' Run The Cutter - 'Passing Time'
The Jews Brothers Band -'My Yiddish Swing'
2001 Bob McNeill - 'Covenant' Beverley Young -'The Tinkerman's Daughter'
Jacky Tarr -'Defenestration'
Phil Garland -'Swag O'Dreams'
2002 Award was dropped by RIANZ Reinstated the following year after lobbying by NZ folk community.
2003 Brendyn Montgomery and Mike Considine - 'Mountain Air' (Presented at the 2004 Auckland Folk Festival, Kumeu) Tinkers with Talent - 'Tinkers with Talent'
The Maritime Crew - Under the Southern Cross'
2004 Bob McNeill - 'Turn The Diesels' (presented at the 2005 Auckland Folk Festival) John Sutherland - 'Mealmarket St'
Hinemoana Baker - 'puawai'
2005 Lorina Harding - "Clean Break" Chris Priestley - 'Uncovered: A Collection Of New Zealand Folk Songs'
Sean Kelly & Friends -'See The Light'
2006 Ben the Hoose, Little Cascade Bob Bickerton, The Likes of Us
The Warratahs, Keep On
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